Business Credit Cards
Quickly access up to £250,000 to spend on the go
Benefit from 1% cashback and

42 days interest-free

What is a business credit card?

A business credit card operates similarly to a personal credit card, but is specifically intended for business rather than personal use. They can be used as a short-term solution for borrowing money, and can be used regardless of business size. They’re also effective for building a business credit profile.

Who are Capital on Tap?

Capital on Tap allows small UK businesses to access funding of up to £250,000.
Their quick and simple application allows business owners to get back to what they love, their business.

Since their founding in 2012, they have provided over £2 billion to help more than 120,000 businesses across the UK.

Capital on Tap offers customers:
– Up to £250,000 credit limits
– No UK ATM or FX fees
– Rewards points on all card spend
– Earn 1% cashback and Avios rewards

Which Capital on Tap business credit card is right for me?

Capital on Tap offers two business credit cards, the Business Credit Card and the Business Rewards Credit Card. Both offer cashback, allow you to access up to £250,000 in credit limits, and have no FX or UK ATM fees. However, their Business Rewards Credit Cards offer up to 20 free supplementary cards and the ability to earn Avios points.

Features Capital on Tap Business Credit Card Capital on Tap Business Rewards Credit Card
Borrow up to £50,000 in credit Yes  Yes
Up to 42 days interest free on card purchases  Yes  Yes
No foreign exchange
or UK ATM Fees
 Yes  Yes
10 free supplementary cards
 Yes  Yes
Earn 1 point on ever £1 spent on card
 No  Yes
Redeem points for cashback (1% cashback)
 No  Yes
10k bonus points (redeemable for £100 cashback) when you spend £5k in your first 3 months
 No  Yes
 Free  £99

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card

Capital on Tap’s Business Credit Card allows you to earn 1% cashback on all card spend – and the card is completely free. There is no cap on the amount of cashback you can earn, so the more you spend the more you can earn. You can also drawdown cash directly to your business bank account, giving your business funding when it needs it. The card also has no FX fees and allows you to issue up to 10 supplementary cards free of charge for your employees and partners, with separate spending limits you can set in your online customer portal or app.


● Credit limits up to £250,000
● 1% cashback for every £1 of card spend
● No FX or ATM fees
● Up to 10 free supplementary cards
● Up to 42 days interest free on purchases

Capital On Tap Business Rewards Credit Card

Capital on Tap’s Business Rewards Credit Card allows you to earn rewards while securing the short-term funding your business needs. You can earn 1% cashback or 1 Avios point for every £1 spent, with 10,000 bonus points if you spend £5,000 in your first three months. It has all the core benefits of their Business Credit Card, with no FX or UK ATM fees and the ability to transfer cash directly to your bank account.


● Credit limits up to £250,000
● 1% cashback or 1 Avios point for every £1 of card spend
● No FX or ATM fees
● Up to 20 supplementary cards
● Up to 42 days interest free on purchases
● 10,000 bonus points that you can redeem for £100 cashback or 10,000 Avios when you spent £5,000 on your card in your first 3 months

History of Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap was co-founded by CEO David Luck, George Karibian, and Jan Farrarons in 2012 after they saw how small businesses were affected by the economic crisis. Since then, the company has helped over 120,000 businesses across the UK, funding over £2 billion. Their core belief is that business funding shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming, so it’s no surprise that they’ve managed to help so many businesses!

How does it work?

Capital on Tap Business Credit Cards allow you to spend on the go with your card, or to drawdown your balance into your high street bank account. They have a quick 2-minute application and most businesses receive a funding decision instantly.

How can I apply for a Capital On Tap Business Credit Card?

You can apply online – you just need to complete a quick application form with some basic personal and business details. Most businesses receive their funding decision instantly!

1. Apply online: Complete Capital on Tap’s online application form, this will take just two minutes. You’ll just need to provide some basic personal and business information, as well as your company’s registration number.

2. Create a Capital on Tap account: once you’ve been approved, you will receive your funding limit and interest rates. Make your decision, then go ahead and sign up for a Capital on Tap account.

3. Receive your card: Capital on Tap Business Credit Cards are sent out as soon as you complete your onboarding steps! You can expect to receive your card within just 4 business days, and be able to access your approved funding amount instantly.

4. Spend and repay: you can use your new card to spend and withdraw funds. You can then repay any outstanding credit via direct debit or debit card.

Why choose Capital on Tap vs. competitors?

Capital on Tap’s mission aligns with ours – they are committed to helping businesses not only survive, but thrive. Making borrowing accessible to businesses of all sizes, they offer a flexible funding solution with several advantages that give them an edge. Their business credit cards offer:

Quick access: unlike most credit cards, they provide the option of transferring your available balance directly into your business current account by using their online portal.
Great for small businesses: their credit cards are designed to help small
businesses borrow money easily.
No fees: if you choose the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card, there are no sign-up or account maintenance fees. Along with no activation or monthly cost, there are no fees for UK ATM withdrawals and non-sterling transactions, keeping the cost of the card low.
Interest free periods: you will benefit from receiving up to 42 days interest free on card purchases.
APR reductions and credit limit increases: After demonstrating reliable borrowing, customers may have the opportunity to reduce the rate of interest they pay or have their credit limit increased.
FCA approved: Capital on Tap are authorised and regulated by the Financial
Conduct Authority. They are held to lending best practices and offer customers quarterly account reviews, to ensure their funding line grows in sync with their
Additional cardholders: Up to 10 supplementary cards for employees are offered for free with the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card, and Business Rewards Credit Cardholders can access up to 20 supplementary cards.
Earn reward points: Earn 1% cashback for every £1 of card spend completely free on the Business Credit Card. Rewards points earned on the Business Rewards Credit Card can also be redeemed for Avios. There is no cap on the amount of cashback customers can earn!

Application Criteria

● You must have a UK registered company with more than 3 months of trading history
● Your business should have an annual turnover of at least £24,000
● There should be no County Court Judgments (CCJs) against you or your business in the last 12 months

credit card

What can I use my Capital on Tap business credit card for?

Business credit cards are regularly used to make purchases, transfer money, and to withdraw cash. Many businesses use them to help manage cash flow. Interest can be avoided if the debt on the card is repaid in full each month (depending on the account’s policy).

A Capital on Tap Visa business credit card can be used to spread costs over time and keep close track of business expenses.

From purchasing business equipment, to paying invoices or covering travel expenses – there are no restrictions on what you can use your card to purchase, providing the spending is directly for company benefit. Common uses for business credit cards include:

  • Staff training
  • Travel costs
  • Employee spending with clients
  • Office expenses
  • Purchasing business equipment
  • Paying off invoices

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to learn more about how Capital on Tap works, then make sure to checkout our FAQs below for more information.

A business credit card is like a personal credit card, but for your business. It helps keep personal spending separate from business spending, which is useful for startups or young businesses. It can also be used to spread the cost of payments and keep track of business expenses such as training staff and purchasing business equipment.

Capital on Tap provides funding of up to £250,000 to businesses across the UK with their business credit cards. They can be used to spend money on the go, and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their cards come with no ATM or FX fees, as well as 1% cashback for every £1 spent and a 56 day interest free period.

Apply here . You will need to fill in the application form, providing some basic information about you and your business. Once accepted you’ll just need to complete the simple onboarding steps and choose the credit card that’s right for your business. Once you’ve completed onboarding your card will arrive within 4 business days, and you can start spending!

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